Rio Salado Junior Division 

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If you are a new member, you must take our new shooter safety class first.  Dates for upcoming classes will be announced as they are available. 

Space is extremely limited, so you must RSVP to the invite when it is emailed to you or you will forfeit your spot in the class.

The classes are held on a Thursday night.  They start promptly at 5:30 pm and last approximately 90 minutes.  After the class, your child will have an opportunity to shoot for about an hour.  Please bring eye and hearing protection for both you and your child, additionally please wear closed-toed shoes (no sandals or flip flops). 

If your child wants to join the Junior Division, he or she must stay for the entire class, including the range time following the classroom instruction.

There are no fees for the new shooter safety class and the first night of shooting. If your child likes it and wants to continue, the Junior Division dues are $75/child or $150/per family per season. The club supplies all equipment including rifles and you are not required to purchase anything except our sub-sonic .22LR ammunition at $5.00 for a box of 50. 

1    Maddox
2    Olivia
3    Kingston
4    Declan
5    Caleb
6    Rensselaer
7    Isaiah
8    Nash
9    Myron
10   I'sai
11   Allyson
12   Esperanza 
13   Owen
14   Calletty
15   Aaron
16   Moses
17   Jameson
18   Matthew
19   Logan
20   Lanell
21   Peyton
22   Maya
23   Matias

24   Cooper

25   Aiden

26   Helena

 Smallbore & Precision Air Rifle

    Mesa, Arizona