Smallbore & Precision Air Rifle

    Mesa, Arizona

Rio Salado Junior Division 

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Safety Rules

1) Treat every gun as if it is loaded.
2) ALWAYS point the muzzle of the rifle in a safe direction.
3) Always keep the action open when not in use.
4) Do not touch your rifle when someone is down range.
5) If your rifle malfunctions or if you have a problem, keep the muzzle down-range and raise your hand.  Someone will come and help you.

Shooting is a safe sport.  We all must help to keep it that way.  Thank you for your help, and enjoy your sport.  Violations of the above rules will generate corrective action.  Gross or continued violations of the rules can be cause for dismissal from the club.

Club Rules

2) Obey all safety rules.
3) There is NO running, reckless or overly aggressive behavior.
4) Respect for the Coaches is required.
5) Respect for other Club members and their equipment is required.
6) Good sportsman like behavior is always required.
7) Respect for the facility is required.
8) Shooting glasses and ear protectors are required.
9) Jr. Club members are required to cleanup, including picking up brass, removing all staples on target frames and return target frames to the frame closet.
10) Visiting children must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.  Because of safety, these children can not be dropped-off and left, a parent/guardian must be present.
11) No pets allowed.
12) Any equipment borrowed must be signed out.
13) When you have completed shooting, return borrowed equipment to their proper place.  Clean you club rifle and place it in the gun safe.
14) All accidents or injuries must be reported to the Junior Club Director.
15) Before any food or drink is consumed, shooters must wash their hands.  This is a must and is for the safety and health of the Junior member.
16) Keep noise & talking to a minimum during the shooting period.