Each season we enjoy providing opportunities for young adults to learn, compete and have fun through our Smallbore and Air Rifle Junior Shooting Division.

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Rio Salado Junior Division 

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 Smallbore & Precision Air Rifle

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​​​​​Rio Salado's Junior Division Smallbore Program

Welcome New Shooters! 

 The Junior Smallbore Division is open to both new and experienced shooters ages 10 through 20 in Arizona. Creating environments for youths to compete in Rifle Shooting that is indicative of learning and maintaining gun safety and skills of competitive 4- Position precision shooting. 

Bolt action rifles are provided or bring your own. Most safety equipment and targets are provided. NRA Trained Coaches provide opportunities to strive towards individual shooting goals.

Thursday Practice 

  • ​Training & Qualification shooting 5:30 PM to 8:30PM

  • Do not arrive earlier than  5:00

  • September through May

  • .22LR Ammo for program use is $4.00 per box (50 Rounds)

Note: Safety is our paramount concern. Eye protection must be worn at all times while outdoors after entering the main gate.

Upcoming Schedule 2020


​6th Smallbore Practice

13th Smallbore Practice

​20th Smallbore Practice

22nd NRA Smallbore State Sectional  1:00pm

27th Smallbore Practice


5th Smallbore Practice

12th Smallbore Practice

19th Smallbore Practice

26th Smallbore Practice

2nd Smallbore Practice
9th Smallbore Practice
16th Smallbore Practice
23rd Smallbore Practice

30th Smallbore Practice


7th Smallbore Practice

14th Smallbore Practice

21st Smallbore Practice

28th Smallbore Practice


4th - End of the Year Fun Shoot & Awards Banquet

​​*Shooters must abide by all commands issued by range personnel. Failure to abide by these range rules may result in the shooter being asked to leave.